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Rohnke Winter are barristers at the German Federal Supreme Court. We also act as arbitrators and provide expert opinions. Christian Rohnke and Thomas Winter think in all dimensions.

Keep | Thinking

Rohnke Winter keep thinking.
Keep | Thinking

Rohnke Winter keep thinking. As barristers at the Supreme Court, we complete the work that has been begun by our colleagues before the trial courts.

If the client was successful before the Court of Appeals, we defend the judgement against the opponent’s attacks. We do not simply repeat the reasoning of the court but reinforce it with additional arguments. We critically examine negative judgements. On Appeal, we throw into sharp relief any procedural or substantive errors of law. If the Court of Appeals has not granted leave to appeal to the Supreme Court, we aim to convince the Supreme Court of the importance of the case and the need to correct the lower court’s judgement.

Thinking | Again

Rohnke Winter think again - about their own position.
Thinking | Again

Rohnke Winter think again - about their own position. While strongly advocating our client’s case in litigation, we offer a clear and detailed assessment of chances and risks during internal discussions. But whatever the direction, we always remain focused on a single goal: our clients’ ultimate success.

Thinking | Across

Rohnke Winter think across boundaries, across all fields of civil and commercial law.
Thinking | Across

Rohnke Winter think across boundaries, across all fields of civil and commercial law. In founding our law firm, it was our core objective to offer high quality legal services in this broad field. Our legal specializations and personal experiences are complementary: Christian Rohnke offers the experience and knowledge gained in many years as a partner of a major international law firm, and Thomas Winter supplies the know-how of appellate litigation practice dating back to 2003.

The scope of our work is evident in the cases we have successfully litigated for our clients. Opinions of third parties show the appreciation of our thinking.

Thinking | Through

Rohnke Winter think things through.
Thinking | Through

Rohnke Winter think things through. We focus our pleadings on the issues that are relevant before the Supreme Court and resolve them in depth and detail using case law and academic writings. Our arguments are based not merely on our legal experience. We understand the underlying business interests, technological background and industry-specific features of our cases.

Where no Supreme Court precedentexists, we develop creative and well-founded solutions. We are always guided by the principle that complex thinking has to be expressed in a clear and lucid manner.

Thinking | Deeply

Rohnke Winter think deeply about legal disputes.
Thinking | Deeply

Rohnke Winter think deeply about legal disputes. We aim to be equally convincing both as arbitrators and as barristers. We are working an arbitral with the objective to find a fair and correct resolution of the dispute. We are regularly appointed as arbitrators in IP and energy law disputes.

Thinking | Ahead

Rohnke Winter think ahead.
Thinking | Ahead

Rohnke Winter think ahead. We are prepared to assist in complex litigations at the trial court level. Together with the lead attorneys at these stages we ensure an optimal preparation for the appeal to the Supreme Court. In our role as legal experts, we exhaustively analyze the problem submitted to us. This provides the client with a reliable basis for their strategic planning - be at litigation or an amicable solution. We actively participate in academic debate with our publications.

Thinking | Together

Rohnke Winter think together – with you.
Thinking | Together

Rohnke Winter think together – with you. No matter whether you contact us as client, colleague or associate, we welcome your suggestions.

We invite colleagues who have conducted the litigation in the lower courts to join our work on the case. We do not consider your constructive criticism as a distraction – on the contrary, we expressly desire it.

We welcome colleagues who are independently minded and excel intellectually. The quality of your work improves our briefs.

Thinking | Back

Rohnke Winter think back.
Thinking | Back

Rohnke Winter think back. We continue the tradition established by Cornelie von Gierke and Prof. Dr. Achim Krämer who were highly respected barristers at the Supreme Court for decades. This tradition is both obligation and motivation.


Prof. Dr.
Christian Rohnke

Prof. Dr. Christian Rohnke studied law in Munich, Geneva and Austin (Texas), where he was a Fulbright scholar. He holds a Master of Comparative Jurisprudence and was awarded the degree of Dr. iur by the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich for a dissertation on international antitrust law. Before his election to the bar of the Federal Supreme Court, Christian Rohnke practiced as Attorney-at-law in New York City and as Rechtsanwalt in Munich and Hamburg. For many years he was a partner in a leading international law firm where he was part of the German management team. Since 2003 he is Adjunct Professor for Patent Law at the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg. After his admission to the Supreme Court Bar in 2014, he was a partner in the law firm von Gierke & Rohnke.

Dr. Thomas Winter studied law in Saarbrücken, Nantes (France) and Freiburg. During his legal clerkship he was an assistant at the Max-Planck-Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law in Freiburg. After obtaining his doctorate with a work on medical malpractice, he first worked for Boston Consulting Group and subsequently for the law firm Haarmann Hemmelrath. In 2003 he became an assistant of Prof. Dr. Krämer and an independent attorney in a law firm specializing in litigation. He was admitted to the Supreme Court bar in 2013 and subsequently became partner in the law firm of Krämer Winter.

Dr. Thomas


It is our objective to convince you as our client and colleague of the quality of our briefs and presentation at oral argument. We aim to build long-term relationships. We are grateful for  recommendations and for the recognition our work has found in the past.



„BGH-Anwälte: Rohnke Winter erobern die Spitze der Empfehlungsliste“ ( 21.08.2017)

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Zu Christian Rohnke:

„Rockstar der BGH-Szene“ (Juve Heft 11/2015)

„einer der besten Markenrechtler Deutschlands; klug, mit allen Wassern gewaschen; internationale Erfahrung“ (Juve-Handbuch 2015/2016)

„gutes Standing beim BGH“ (Juve-Handbuch 2016/2017)

Zu Thomas Winter:

„brillanter Jurist, kluger Stratege, fantastische Schriftsätze“ (Juve-Handbuch 2014/2015)

„ausgezeichneter Jurist“ (Juve-Handbuch 2015/2016)

„brillanter Jurist, kluger Stratege, fantastische Schriftsätze“ (Juve-Handbuch 2016/2017)


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The cases we have successfully litigated before the Federal Supreme Court are evidence of our work. We have gathered a small selection that shows the scope of our work. We have deliberately limited the number of examples.

I. SenateUnfair competition, trademark and copyright law; arbitration
II. SenateCompany law
III. SenateState liability, investment law
VI. SenateTort law
IX. SenateInsolvency law; liability of lawyers and tax advisors
X. SenatePatent law
Antitrust Senate


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