Rohnke Winter, Barristers at the Federal Supreme Court
Baischstrasse 5
76133 Karlsruhe
Postal Address:
Post Box 11 07 08
76057 Karlsruhe
T: +49 (0)721 9513500
F: + 49 (0)721 25618
Form of organization: Civil law association under German law (Gesellschaft bürgerlichen Rechts)
Partners: Prof. Dr. Christian Rohnke, Dr. Thomas Winter

Information according to § 5 TMG/DL-InfoVO: The barristers of the law firm carry the professional designation “Rechtsanwälte beim Bundesgerichtshof”. This designation was awarded to them on the basis of the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany after passing the 2nd State Law Examination and a special admission process by the competent Minister of Justice. The barristers of the firm are members of the Rechtanwaltskammer beim Bundesgerichtshof Karlsruhe (Herrenstraße 45a, 76133 Karlsruhe) which is the competent supervisory authority. The Barristers of the firm are subject to the professional regulations of the Bundesrechtsanwaltsordnung of August 1, 1959 (BGBl. I 565) (BRAO) and the Law on the Compensation of Lawyers of May 5, 2004 (BGBl. I 717, 788) (RVG) in their pertinent versions and of the Regulations on Lawyers and Specialized Lawyers of the Bundesrechtsanwaltskammer of March 22, 1996 (BRAK-Mitteilung 1996, 241) (BORA 2001 and FAO) in their pertinent versions. Additionally, the rules of professional conduct for lawyers in the European Union apply. All of the applicable rules are available on the homepage of the Bundesrechtsanwaltskammer under the section Berufsrecht.

Copyright / Limitation of Liability / Disclaimer: Wording, content and design of this internet presence are protected under copyright law. They may only be used, distributed or copied (e.g., downloaded) within the narrow limitations of copyright law for personal, private and non-commercial purposes. Any other use, including partial use without the written consent of Rohnke Winter is a copyright violation and criminal. In particular, any use for advertising or similar purposes is expressly prohibited. Even with the prior written consent of Rohnke Winter, any copying or distribution of the website or its content is only permitted with an indication of the source or a reference to us. The same rules apply if trademarks, logos or business names are used. Rohnke Winter has created this internet presence with care. However, no warranty can be given for the completeness, accuracy and currency of the information, which is provided here without legal obligation. This applies in particular to direct or indirect links from the website of Rohnke Winter to third party websites because the law firm does not have any influence on the content of a website reached by such link. The law firm therefor will not be liable for damages connected to the use of such content, provided that no intentional or willfully negligent action on the part of the law firm, its officers or employees is present. In particular, there is no liability for indirect or consequential damages due to the loss or destruction of data. Insofar as information is provided by links to other servers, the law firm advises that it does not control or examine this content. Even an automatic or short-term hosting of third party content is considered as providing access under § 5 para. 3 TMG. The law firm will only be responsible for third party content if it was aware of illegal content and it was technically possible and reasonable to prevent its use. There is no obligation of the law firm to regularly review third party content for possible illegality.

Insurance: Lawyer are required by the Bundesrechtsanwaltsordnung to maintain professional malpractice insurance in a minimum amount of 250.000 EUR. The details are regulated by § 51 BRAO. We maintain insurance compliant with these requirements for each partner with the Allianz Vesichrungs-Aktiengesellschaft (Post Box, 10900 Berlin). The geographic reach covers activities within the member states of the European Union.

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